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FCL Import Service: with India and Pakistan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Canada and many other advantages routes. With many shipping companies to maintain good relations of cooperation.
• Bulk cargo warehousing services.
• Door to door service: You can arrange a time for the goods shipped.
• Export Customs Clearance Services: can provide you with efficient customs procedures.   Accept the commission of seaborne exports sent to the world's major ports
• goods and accept orders immediately after the proper allocation of accommodation, to provide shipping companies booking number.
• provide preferential and reasonable freight, maintain customer interest.
• Ready to accept customer routes, ship dynamics, and transport costs, and other miscellaneous advice.
Our import and export right, can be agents of import and export business, providing a full range of documents, verification, tax rebates and all process operations. Our Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea routes more obvious advantages, the implementation of the owner about price, issued by the owner of the main list. Prices of other routes as a surprise. Please contact us.

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